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Steve Wakeford


Everyfield was founded by Steve Wakeford. Steve has worked as an editor and consultant for over 15 years; including being a core part of BAFTA and Emmy award winning teams. 

With a proven track record, Steve has become highly sought after - specialising in the design, implementation, training and operation of specialist recording, logging, editing and playback facilities. 

Working predominantly in the fast turnaround market of live sports broadcasting, Steve has worked as an editor and consultant for nearly all of the major sporting events and television broadcasters, assisting them in the crucial progression from using tape systems to adopting file based workflows.

Steve made his directorial debut with Magnetic Mountains - a provocative documentary exploring the psychology of risk taking in the mountains, based on his own experiences.

As comfortable behind the camera as he in the edit, Steve enjoys working closely with clients - from conception to realisation - in order to create engaging, purposeful content.


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Menna Pritchard


Menna is a filmmaker, writer and designer - currently based in Chamonix, France. She joined Everyfield as a Producer in 2015.

She has worked for a number of outdoor brands and companies, with projects varying from advertising campaigns and editorial pieces to production work for the BBC.

Menna studied Fine Art and worked in PR for several years before going back to school, gaining a first-class degree and PGCert in Outdoor Education - foundations that have enabled her to build a career that combines her passions.

A sleep-deprived mother of two; when not stuck behind a camera or laptop, she enjoys being outside with her family.

From the composition of a shot, through to it's script, score and grade, Menna is passionate about bringing stories of worth to life.


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Multi award-winning, feature documentary Magnetic Mountains is available to buy or rent NOW: